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This Site and Terms

This is the web site where you will find custom graphics by Jane or phyncke. I make designed graphics for users on livejournal or other web spaces and am happy to put together images for you to use on the internet or other ways. Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope you like what you see. 

Cheers. ---Jane

Pricing and Terms

Current Pricing:


50 cents per icon or 2 for $1.00



50 cents per blinkie or 2 for $1.00



25 cents per image or 4 for $1.00


Siggie Tags:

50 cents each or 2 for $1.00 *

*pricing varies for seasonal offerings and packages

100 Percent Doll Images:

 1.50 each or 3 for $4.00

You receive a fully customized blinkie image. The doll is made to your specifications and the blinkie constructed based on that doll. You will not find this kind of 100 percent blinkie work anywhere else! 


Custom banner and icon design: (for journal layouts)

$5.00 per banner and icon set

Banners can work one of two ways. You can provide the theme for the banner and I will select the image for you or you provide the image that I then make into a banner. Pricing is the same either way. I will make you the banner and accompanying icon to go with it. 

An additional profile banner will add to the price and that will be quoted for you per commission. 

Other projects: Prices to be determined at the time of sale.

Bonus Image!

Each order of 10 items will receive a bonus image. That can be something at phyncke's discretion or a p2b sent in by the requestor.  If you order 20 items, you will get two bonus images and so on. This applies to icons, blinkies and mini-pixels only.

Referral Gift!

If you refer a new client to phyncke-inc you will receive a gift graphic once their order is received and payment confirmed. This is my way of showing my appreciation for getting the word out about phyncke-inc! 


To order:

Send an email to:

and that will start your order process.

Please put "Order @ phyncke-inc" in your subject line. 


Must be made at the time of your order and can be sent to: on paypal

Making your payment a "gift" will avoid any service charges. 

Credit and Use of Images

Use of images here is Fair Use. Credit for items purchased is nice but I will by no means hunt anyone down for it. Such things are based on the honor system and I don't have the time for that. My use of the art here is Fair Use and derivative and no copyright infringement is intended.  Most images used here are considered freeware. Please let me know of any copyright violations.